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Last Update: Friday 29 July 2005 by Spike.

This site is MASSIVELY OUT OF DATE, and is presented for archival purposes only.

This site is generously supported by a donation from Pen is Central, the web's largest collection of quality photographs of Gay Nude Events and Naturally Naked Men.
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Welcome to the world of naturism for men. These groups are devoted to nude recreation, both indoors and out. Most are for men only (mostly gay or bisexual men). Some mixed groups are listed that are known to be gay-friendly.

Many groups prohibit sexual activity at their events. Sometimes because of local laws. Sometimes the members prefer it that way. Other groups generally limit sex so that it plays a secondary part in only some of their events. If you are looking for a sex club, this isn't the list for you. Try Squirt.org, Cruising for Sex, or the Melbourne Wankers.

When writing to one of these groups, use the short form of their name. For a faster response, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If you are writing internationally, use "International Reply Coupons", available from your post-office.

When calling one of the groups, find out their local time zone, and call during the period 11 am to 9 pm local time.


Submit Corrections and Additions

This list has been compiled from a variety of sources, including GNI's Gay Naturist Informer and IMEN's The Naturist Gay-zette. The most important source, however, is e-mail from people like you. While I try to keep this list as accurate as possible, some of this information may be incorrect or out of date. If you detect an error, or want me to add your gay nudist group to the directory, please send me e-mail. You need to include:

If you don't have all the info, please send me what you have.

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IMEN: International Men Enjoying Nudity
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IMEN is one of the two umbrella organisations for gay naturist groups, and they have their own online directory, along with lots of other valuable info on their web site. Their list is organised by state and province.


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